Rutgers tops big 10 in Pell Grants, Propublica reports

Rutgers ranking in Pell Grants, tuition rates and debt revealed.

By Ken Kurtulik – Nov. 14 2016

Pictured is an infographic sorting universities by percentage of students receiving a Pell Grant. From most to least, the list reads Rutgers Newark, Rutgers Camden, Indiana, Penn State, Rutgers New Brunswick, Michigan State, Iowa State, Ohio State, Minnesota, Purdue, Illinois, Nebraska, Maryland, Michigan, Wisconsin, Northwestern.

Infographic created by Ken Kurtulik using Vengage.

NEW BRUNSWICK, N.J. – Rutgers University bested Big 10 conference colleges in percentage of students receiving Pell Grants, Propublica revealed in 2015.

The Newark, Camden, and New Brunswick campuses ranked first, second, and fifth respectively among Big 10 Conference schools in percentage of student-body receiving Pell Grants, according to Propublica’s Debt by Degrees. The same resource found Rutgers to have among the most expensive yearly tuition rates.

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Review: Sid Meier’s Civilization 6

A triumph of diplomatic nuance and sophisticated city systems

By Ken Kurtulik – Dec. 12, 2016

Sid Meier’s Civilization 6, available on PC, is Firaxis Game’s latest installment in the turn-based strategy franchise. Firaxis, a long-time juggernaut in the strategy-game market, looks to recover from Beyond Earth’s 2014 shortcomings and build on XCOM 2’s success from earlier in the year. Continue reading